Bird Watcher's General Store
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If you can't visit us right away here on beautiful Cape Cod, you can pretend that you are as you enjoy these images of our store and staff.

You'll probably get here by taking Route 6 and be tempted to get off at Exit 12 for Orleans/Brewster...DON'T. Keep going past Exit 12 to the rotary, take the first exit off that. We are the third building on the right past the traffic lights. Here is our sign to watch for.

If you got off Exit 12 anyway like we told you not to, our store and sign will be on the left. Coming this way you will travel a couple of miles, through 2 traffic lights, and maybe a traffic jam or two depending on the time of year..

Looking a little left across the road as you stand in our parking lot, you will see beautiful Town Cove and the Orleans Windmill. A great place to sit on a bench and have lunch (but you do have to invite us too).

If you've already done the tour and want to do a revisit of a certain area, here are the links:
Before Entering
Entering the Store
Local Artists
The Feeder & Seed Room
Christmas, Clothes & Kids
The Famous Bathroom
Cards, Jewelry & Mugs

"Tour" Written & Photographed by Catherine E. Clark

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