Bird Watcher's General Store

We just saw The Big Year. Below is what we found.

When folks begin arriving to board the boat, Angelica Houston lifts up her clipboard and our store sticker is on the back of the clipboard. The view is very clear but also happens in a nanosecond.

When folks begin to board the boat, our BWGS hat can be seen on a guy waiting on the dock, then when he is going up the boat ramp, then, the very best view of our hat can be seen on the guy when they are standing on the deck on the right. The guy is about in the middle of the screen.

On the plane when they are first leaving for Attu, Owen Wilson is talking to a couple about their honeymoon. During this, 2 seats behind Owen Wilson, a fellow leans across the aisle to talk to someone and has Mike's open book in his hand.

In the scene where the characters are sitting around a card table in Attu, the above mug can be seen very clearly in six different camera shots, almost right in a row. The art is by Catherine Clark. It is a colorized version of art she did for a "Ask the Bird Folks" article.

Also in Attu, the game BirdOpoly & Bird Bingo, which they bought from us, can be seen in the background on a shelf in the window along the back wall.

In Attu when the girl freaks out about her scarf being used to clean fish, the back of our Girl Bird Watcher's General Store Tee shirt can be seen in lower right corner of the screen. The art is by Catherine Clark.

On the plane when the characters are leaving Attu, Jack Black is reading Mike's book and the back cover can clearly be seen.