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2008 Tee Shirt Photo Contest Winners
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First Prize - Best Birding Spot

Roy Verstraete - Ringwood, NJ

Amazon, Manu, Peru

Second Prize - Best Birding Spot

Lorrie Snyder or Pequea, PA
& Ruth Toms of Willow Street, PA

Anhinga Trail, Florida

Third Prize - Best Birding Spot

Frank Caruso - Cape Cod, MA

Ramsey Canyon, Arizona.

Fourth Prize - Best Birding Spot

Hannah Cleveland, Braintree, MA

New Zealand

First Prize - Best Historical Picture

Anita & Leon August - Sunset Beach, NC

Pyramids in Egypt

Second Prize - Best Historical Picture

Anita August

Temple at Petra Jordan.

Third Prize - Best Historical Picture

Lynn Gorman- Milford, CT

Hitler's podium, Zeppelin Field, Nurnberg, Germany

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