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2008 Tee Shirt Photo Contest Winners

Grand Prize Winner:

Brett Bradley - McKinney, TX

Brett, soaring like a bird, skydiving in Texas.

You can see Brett's entire skydiving experience wearing our shirt on YouTube. Just go to YouTube and type in "Bird Watcher's General Store" in the search box.

First Prize - Best View

Ron Freed - Carlisle, PA

Eagle's Nest, Bavarian Alps, Hitler's "Summer White House."

Second Prize - Best View

Bill McLeod - West Hartford, CT

Greece - Apartments built into the side of a dormant volcano overlooking the Agean Sea.

Third Prize - Best View

Matthew Cioffi - North Easton, MA

Sugar Shack, Hazen's Notch, VT.

First Prize - Best Picture With Rocks

Jack Ostmark - Highland, NY


Second Prize - Best Picture With Rocks

Claus Vogel - Pangnirtung, Nunavut, Canada

The Arctic Circle.

Third Prize - Best Picture With Rocks

Marie Cioffi - North Easton, MA

Bish Bash Falls, Mt.Washington, MA.

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