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2009 Tee Shirt Photo Contest Winners

Grand Prize Winner:

Kate Hamm from Ayer, MA

Rock Climbing in Ibanez, Chile.

First Prize - Best Bird

Judy Wolf of Reston, VA

Judy with Cormorants in Gailin, China

Second Prize - Best Bird

Juliet Lamb of Brewster, MA

Juliet with Puffin chick, Eastern Egg Rock, Maine.

Third Prize - Best Bird

Matthew & Marie Cioffi, Eastham, MA

Bahia Honda State Park, Florida Keyes.

First Prize - Most Exotic

Connie Welch or New York, NY

Gandan Monastery, Ulaan Baator, Mongolia.

Second Prize - Most Exotic

Roy Verstraete of Ringwood, NJ

Canopy Tower, Panama.

Third Prize - Most Exotic

Eduard Huber of Am Muehlberg, Germany

Corsica, Mediterranean.

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