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2011 BWGS Tee Shirt Photo Contest Winners

Grand Prize Winner:

Art (aka "Max") Figur, New Rochelle, NY

Wooden Bridge Over the Brahmaputra River, India

First Prize - Best Bird

Lynne Budnick - Eastham, MA

Lynne at the So. Arizona Bird Observatory with
A Female Rufous Hummingbird

Second Prize - Best Bird

Carol Ostmark - Highland, NY

Carol With Peanut & Wally Camping in
Florida, NY.

First Place - Most Creative

Roger Voss, Orelans, MA

Roger in Bang Poo. Thailand.

Second Place - Most Creative

Ethan & Brownie Gioffi - N. Easton, MY

Ethan & Brownie Overlooking A Cliff at Camp Wells.

Third Place - Most Creative

Roy Verstraete of Ringwood, NJ

Roy With His Lovely Collection of Past
BWGS Limited Edition Colored Tee Shirts.

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