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2013 BWGS Tee Shirt Photo Contest Winners

Grand Prize Winner:

Roy Verstraete, Ringwood, NJ

Roy on a Mountain Gorilla Trek,
Rwanda, Africa

Frist Place Best Backsides

Don & Andy Borghesani, Bethlehem, PA

Riding an elephant in Thailand.

First Place Best Bird

Cindy Alley

Cindy in Antarctica with Penguin Friends.

Second Place Best Bird

Juliet Lamb, Brewster, MA

Juliet on a Brown Pelican Project, Gulf of Mexico
Shamrock Island, Texas.

Third Place Best Bird

James Collins, Hopewell, NY

James with some geese friends.

First Place Most Creative

Anita & Leon August, Sunset Beach, NC

Anita & Leon at Blue Lagoon, Icland
covered in silica mud

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