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2017 BWGS Tee Shirt Photo Contest Winners

Grand Prize Winner:

Alison Wollin
Oceanside, NY

Alison Taking a Polar Plunge in Antarctica

NewCategory: First Place Best Elephant

Suzanne Garrow

Suzanne in Botswana.

Second Place, Best Elephant

Kevin Riordan, Singapore (& Eastham, MA)

Kevin in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Third Place Best Elephant

Mary Tucker Levy, Madison, CT

Mary in Zimbabwe

First Place Most Creative

Jack Ostmark, Highland, NY

Jack sluicing for diamonds in Arkansas.

First Place Best Bird

Karen Riesterer, Chatham, MA

Karen with Chinstrap Penguins.

Second Place Best Bird

Roy Verstraete, Ringwood, NJ

Roy With His Life List in Belize.

Third Place Best Bird

Leo Donovan, Walpole, MA

Leo with some bird buddies.

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