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2017 BWGS Tee Shirt Photo Contest Winners
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First Place, Famous Place

Anita August, Sunset Beach, NC

Anita at the Charles Darwin Center,br />Galapagos.

Second Place, Famous Place

Matthew Cioffi, N. Easton, MA

Matthew at Bryce Canyon, Utah.

Third Place, Famous Place

Bernie Hutchens, Orleans, MA

Bernie In Paris.

Honorable Mention

Molly Torsvik

Molly with Bergan of the Mountain.

Honorable Mention

Rabbi Shargel

Rabbi Shargel at Alakais Swamp Trail in Hawaii.

Honorable Mention

Linda Baron, Laconia, NH

Linda ath the Grand Ol Oprey, Nashville.

Honorable Mention

Mary King Bolger, Holliston, MA

Mary at the Kew West Wildlife Center, Florida.

Honorable Mention

Carol Ostmark, Highland, NY

Carol with Mummified Monk, Parish Church,

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