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Geek Bird Books

You've heard of computer geeks. Well, birding geeks are even geekier (and you know who you are) A good sign that you are a birding geek is that you clicked on this page. We've selected some obscure books which seem to be a hit with the bird geek crowd.
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All Things Reconsidered
by Roger Tory Peterson. A decade after his death, Roger Tory Peterson still cranks out the books. During the last 12 years of his life, Roger wrote for the Bird Watcher's Digest. This is a collection of his articles and essays, along with some photos and illustrations. Not only was a gifted artist, but talented writer, naturalist and world traveler. These are personal memories of Roger Tory Peterson not to be missed. Paperback.
The Beak of the Finch
By Jonathan Weiner. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize, this book follows 20 years of two sceintists studying and proving Darwin's theory of evolution as it applies to the finches of Daphne Major. They take his theory a step further, showing that evolution takes place by the hour and seeing it happen is possible. Paperback.
Bird Brains
By Candace Savage. Talks about the high intelligence of birds which rivals any mammal. Paperback.
The Bird
By Colin Tudge. Tudge covers the natural history of who birds are, where they came from and how they live. Delves into why birds are good at flying, did they descend from dinosaurs, the meaning of bird song and how they think. Hardcover.
The Private Lives of Birds
By Bridget Stutchbury. Follow the author on her personal adventures to reveal the not so common drama and life of birds. She explains with both science and evolution why birds do what they do. Hardcover.
Wild America
By Roger Tory Peterson & James Fisher. In April, 1953, two renowned naturalists hit the road on a thrilling 100 day, 30,000 mile field trip around the continent. Roger Tory Peterson is the world's most renowned bird illustrator and naturalist, even after his death in 1996. James Fisher was a renowned bird expert in England until his death in 1970. Paperback.
Living On The Wind
Another book by Scott Weidensaul. Bird migration is a phenomenon not totally understood. Scott follows several species, some on 7000 mile nonstop journeys. He also addresses the dwindling songbird numbers due to loss of habitat. Paperback.
Zen Birds

We sold out of this popular little book twice. Since none of us take yoga or meditate, we had no idea the impact this book would have. Inspired by traditional Asian brushwork and haiku, which means beautiful watercolor paintings and one line poems that capture the traits of 30 common North American birds. Folks have told us how calming, inspiring and and happy this book was for them. Now we have a good stock of them. By Vanessa Sorensen. Hardcover.


Songbird Journeys
By Miyoko Chu. Four seasons in the lives of migratory songbirds by Miyoko Chu of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. This books pays homage to the wonder and beauty of songbirds while contemplating where do they go and how do they get there. Paperback.

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