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Attract Orioles

Read Mike's article with new information about offering jelly:
Oriole Feeding

Featured Item Description Price
Mulit Use Oriole Feeder
Holds nectar, jelly and an orange for the orioles. Our most popular Oriole Feeder.

Oriole Flower Feeder
This pretty orange feeder is a plastic sturdy dish that fits into a flower shaped frame. Put oranges on the sides and jelly in the middle. Off season can be used for seed or water.
X1 Seed Saver Feeder
You can put oranges in it for orioles. No this is not an oriole, but bluebirds will feed from it on meal worms. Or just use it for seed. $40, not cheap for a hunk of plastic, but the X1 is versatile and worth it for year round use. The height of the top adjusts and the dish has drain holes. A popular, versitle feeder.
Oriole Nectar Mix
If you're too lazy to make your own sugar mix, this is for you. This 8 oz. box will mix up 64 oz. of nectar. It mixes instantly with tap water, no boiling required. No artificial sweeteners or color.

Ant Moat Nectar Protector
Protect your nectar from hoardes of partying ants with this handy Ant Moat. Just fill with water and the ants will stay out. Comes with an S hook to hang any humminbird feeder below the moat.
Little Brushes
Perfect for scrubbing out those little holes in hummingbird and oriole feeders, which can get really gunked up if you do not. (They really work great for cleaning the holes in travel coffee lids too.) Handy pack of 3.

Make Your Own Oriole Nectar:

* If you mix your own food the ratio is 1 part sugar to 4 parts water, do not use any coloring. Food coloring may be harmful to the birds.

* Wash feeder well and replace nectar every 3 or 4 days whether used by the birds or not - it will turn black and icky. This means you cannot put a new feeder out, waiting for the first orioles, and just leave it.

* Just stick out half and orange until you are sure your orioles are back and then put out nectar.

* If using jelly, just put out a little at a time, too much may get on the birds.

* Never use honey.

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