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Just For Squirrels

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The Squirrel Diner

Some people actually love squirrels. We do. Give them their own feeder. Prop the top open to get them started, then they will learn to open it. Pretty cool. Metal. Mounts easily. Has windows to see how full it is.

The Squirrel Lunch Box

Keep the squirrels happy with their own feeder. This nice looking feed box has a slide out plexi front for cleaning, and a nice place the squirrel can sit.

The lid lifts up. Start by propping the lid open. Once the squirrel knows food is in there, then keep the lid shut and the squirrel will open it himself.

The Squirrel Chair

Squirrels like fine dining too. This cute chair has a peg that will hold one ear of dried corn. Corn sold separately.

Corn Caddy/Trapper

Put a dried ear of corn in this handy holder and let the squirrels have some fun. Does not come with corn.

Squirrel Log & Holder

Attach the dried ear of corn with the enclosed hanger and it will keep squirrels busy and happy. Comes with hanger and one ear of dried corn.

Bag of Ears of Corn

Use alone on the ground or in one of the clever feeders above. Comes in 6.5 lb. bag. Approximately 10 ears. Keeps the squirrels busy and away from your feeder.


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