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Birdhouse Hole Protectors, AKA, "Tooth Benders"

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Just pop one of these on the front of your nesting box and Mr. Squirrel won't be able to chew his way in. It will save you thousands in repairs and triple the value of your house. Too bad they don't make one that keeps out the in-laws. You get one metal guard with 4 brass screws. Available in the sizes listed:

Squirrel Tooth Benders

1": House Wren

1 1/8": Chickadee

1 1/4": Nuthatch

1 1/2": Bluebird
Predator Guard
This wooden predator guard will add depth to nesting box entrance making it harder for a predator to reach in. Can also put over a hole that has been chewed. 3 inch square with a 1 1/2 inch hole. Can be used over a smaller hole. Comes with predrilled holes and 2 brass screws.

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