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Afraid to Disturb Nesting Robins

Dear Bird Folks,

I have a robin nesting in the bush by my front door. I try not to disturb her by using the door. How long will it take before the young birds fly away so I can use my front door again?

– Patty, Yarmouthport


Hi Patty,

About a month or so is how long the robins will be in your bush. The rule of thumb for most songbirds is two weeks for the eggs to hatch and two weeks for the young birds to grow up and fly away. To me that is amazing. A blind, newly hatched chick, that looks more like a piece of chewing gum than a bird, will be fully grown and flying in two short weeks. Don’t you wish teenagers moved out as quickly?

Remember, a month is a guideline, some birds take a few days longer. A lot depends on how good the parents are at finding food, how hot or cold the weather is and how often your birds are disturbed by the pizza guy coming to your front door.