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Bobwhite Calls

Dear Bird Folks,

We have bobwhite quail around our house. When the bobwhites are making their “bobwhite” call, my husband likes to go out and whistle “bobwhite” back to them. He says the bobwhites are answering him. Are they really?

Linda Sue Donovan, Truro


Hi Linda Sue Donovan,

I love your initials. Somebody’s parents came from San Francisco. First of all, I think your husband needs a hobby…bad. Although it seems that the bobwhites are answering your husband’s calls, the truth is that they will call back no matter what he does. Your husband could whistle, sing, talk like Nixon, or take a nap and the bobwhites in your yard are going to keep calling.

The bobwhite that you are hearing is most likely an unmated male. He is calling on the edge of another quail’s territory, hoping for an opening. Your quail is going to keep calling with or without your husband’s calls. The only thing your husband is doing is giving your neighbors something to talk about at