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Bugs in Bird Seed

This is the time of year when we receive lots of complaints from people who have moths and bugs in their bird seed. For some reason, many of us don’t think of bird food as being food. But, hellooo, it is. And just like people food, bird food has s shelf life. It will go bad. Unlike our food, bird food is untreated and much of it is filled with eggs of odd creatures, mostly meal moths. Meal moth eggs lie dormant if kept cool, but hatch out if they are allowed to get warm for too long. And guess what, it gets warm in the summer…especially this summer where it was hot enough to hatch out Walt Disney.

Having meal moths in your seed does not mean the food is bad, the birds will love it. It is only gross to us. Try to remember to buy smaller amounts of seed when the weather is warm. Inspect it as soon as you get it home and use it up right away. Also, don’t keep bird food in your house any time of the year. Once you get those moths in your house, they are harder to get out than your relatives from Cleveland.