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Annual T-Shirt Photo Contest

Enter Our Famous Tee Shirt Photo Contest
Wearing One of our Store Logo Tee Shirts

Win a million dollars tax free! You can by entering our T-Shirt Photo Contest (AND by winning a tax free lottery at the same time)!
Just put on one of our brilliant gray T-shirts, or any of our logo shirts from any year, and have your picture taken with a famous person, at a famous place, in a creative or super photogenic way or with a cool animal or bird. (Make sure your shirt is on right, not backwards, and the store name and logo is showing, not under a jacket.)

So next time you step into the ring with George Foreman or dive off a cliff in Acapulco, wear our shirt and get your picture taken. Maybe you find yourself at the edge an a volcano or swimming with a Great White Shark, that would work too.

PRIZES!!!! Yes, there are prizes, prizes like you have never seen before (and neither have we until we find stuff we want to get rid of). The big winners really do get some neat stuff.

We accept photos ongoing all year. Winners are judged and announced around Memorial Day every year. We will contact you, so don't start nagging us! Mail your photo to:

Bird Watcher's General Store
36 Rt. 6A
Orleans, MA 02653

Or Email:

Whether you mail or email your photo, be sure to include your name, address, and where the photo was taken (it's amazing how many photos we get with no identifcation!). There is no limit how many entries you send, however, we will choose just one as the entry for the current contest.

All winning entries and honorable mentions are proudly displayed for the year in the front of our store and on our web site. After that they are moved downstairs forever to remain displayed with all entries from years past on our Annual BWGS Tee Shirt Wall of Fame.

Check out some past winners below. The Grand Prize Winner for 2008 remains the ultimate winner of all time. Don't be discouraged. Not every one can do what this guy did. We appreciate all our winners.

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