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2007 Tee Shirt Photo Contest Winners

Grand Prize Winner:

Claus Vogel of Nunavut, Canada

Claus with native children in Madagascar in front of Boabab trees.

First Prize - Famous Place

Dave & Sharon Attick, Southbury, CT

At the Acropolis in Greece

Second Prize - Famous Place

J. Wolf of Reston, VA

At a Glacier, South Island, New Zealand

Third Prize - Famous Place

Lorraine Elworthy, Ontario, Canada

Someplace Cold.

First Prize - Most Creative

Jack & Carol Ostmark, Highland, NY

Paying Homage.

Second Prize - Most Creative

Jack Ostmark, Highland, NY

Narrowboat, Wales, British Isles (we screwed up and gave this guy 2 prizes).

Third Prize - Most Creative

Elaine Place, Leyden, NY

Flamingo Wind Farm

First Prize - "Bird"

Juliet Lamb - Brewster, MA

Juliet with Ibis in the Florida Keys

First & Only Place - Famous Person

Walt Gately, Medfield, MA

With Doc Holiday, Wyatt Earp & the Clintons at the OK Corral

Honorable Mention

Tom (& Molly) Riley - New Vernon, NJ

In Figi

Honorable Mention

Matt Own - Orlando, FL

In Laerdal, Norway.

Honorable Mention

Al Kuncas, Watertown, NY

With friends. We've heard they're all a bunch of turkeys.