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Birding Field Guides

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Peterson Field Guide to Birds of Eastern and Central North America

The Seventh Edition, newest guide. Roger Tory Peterson is the most famous birder in the world and brought bird identification to people. His famous paintings are preferred over photos, which only capture that one bird in a specific light. Some field marks are not even visible in a photo. Large pictures and range maps on the same page. Flexi-cover.

Sibley Field Guide to Birds - Eastern

The new Sibley Guide, hot off the press. David Sibley has established himself up with the greats, Audubon and Peterson. More than 698 species, expanded text includes habitat information, voice and behavior. Flexicover.

The Sibley Guide to Birds, Second Edition

A completely revised edition with more than 600 new paintins and 111 rare species added. New information on habitat, behavior and bird finding tips.


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Stokes Field Guide to the Birds, Eastern

All new Stokes guide for the Eastern Region. All information is on one page, including male, female, winter, and juvenile photos and range maps. The photos are excellent. Paperback.

National Geographic Field Guide - Eastern

A new National Geographic guide for east of the Rockies. Full color portraits of more than 600 birds. Great new features include thumb tabs along the edge for each major category and a quick find index on the inside cover.

National Geographic Birds of North America, Seventh Edition

This new seventh addition covers every bird species in North America. Set up according to the new, updated & corrected taxonomical order. More than 700 new maps and illustrations. Thumb tabs to find a category quickly.

An Illustrated Guide to the Common Birds of Cape Cod

Finally what people have been asking for, a colored field guide to Cape Cod birds. Features 140 color images of common Cape Cod birds. Includes helpful advice on birding tips and features six field trips based on habitats. Written by local author and naturalist Peter Trull. Illustrated by local author and artist Catherine Clark. Paperback.

Kaufman Field Guide to Birds of North America

Ken's new updated guide features a quick index guide, range maps with the pictures and Ken's unique bird photo enhancement technique of all the birds of North America. Flexi-cover.


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