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Let Sleeping Gulls Lie - 02/01/02

Dear Bird Folks,

Last summer my wife and I were resting on a driftwood log on the Eastham side of Rock Harbor. A large herring gull landed nearby and walked directly toward us and unbelievably sat down at my left foot. It wasn't begging, we had no food. After about a minute, it went to sleep and continued to sleep as we walked away. Any explanation?


Hello EDK,

That sure is odd that a gull fell asleep at your left foot. Most gulls sleep next to people's right feet. The left foot is usually reserved for poetry readings.

Actually, that is a pretty neat story, but one that defies accurate explanation. Why that gull was attracted to you is impossible to know for sure. Perhaps your french fry cologne was a little too strong or maybe you dated that gull in a former life. Who knows what is going on in a gull's brain. I'd simply chock it up to a cool experience with nature and let it go at that.

Sorry I wasn't much help. However, if you find out that you have a gift for putting creatures to sleep, please stop by my house about 8 o'clock tonight. That is when I'll be trying to get my kids to go to bed.

Artwork by Catherine Clark

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