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2002 Hand-Painted Christmas Ornaments

We started selling these hand-painted Christmas ornaments by Catherine Clark in 1989. They now are collected by folks around the world. Each 2" ball is individually hand painted, varnished, dated and signed. We selected a few populard designs to offer below.

Featured Item Description Price
Cardinal Ornament
The most popular Christmas bird, the Cardinal. Painted on an antique white, frosted ball.
Chickadee Ornament
The Chickadee is a favorite, cheery little bird. Offered on a frosted red ball.
Chickadee Ornament on Antique White
Another chickadee on an Antique White frosted ball.
Hummingbird Ornament
The Hummingbird is also one of our best sellers. Offered on a shiny, red ball.
Great Horned Owl
Thanks to Harry Potter, owls are big right now. This excellent Great Horned Owl is painted on an evergreeny color ball.
Snowy Owl
The Snowy Owl is one of the most beautiful birds of prey. This one is painted on a beautiful turquoisey ball.

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