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If You Want to Leave Feeders Out, Do It! If You Don’t, Then Don’t!

Dear Bird Folks,

Two weeks ago you wrote about leaving your feeders out until the end of May. Does that mean we should take them down in June?

-Helen, Harwich


Hello Helen,

Helen from Harwich, do you know Wally from Wellfleet? What’s with all these weird alliterations? Is today Dr. Seuss day and no one told me? No, you don’t have to take your feeders in, you don’t even have to put them out.

Do what you want, this is America, damn it! Unless you live in a town that is under marshal law or even worse, in a condo, you are free to put your feeders out any time you want to. The birds will adjust. My point two weeks ago was that May is the best time to have your feeders out because there is a good chance of an unusual migrant stopping off for a snack. But that is your call. Just keep your feeders full and clean and the birds will be happy whenever they find them out.

Thanks for the question Helen from Harwich. Give my best to Marylou Who.