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Kid Stuff

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Woodlink Wren House Kit

Everything comes inside to assemble this cute nesting box. It has a hole size suitable for House Wrens only, nothing bigger. A real nesting box with proper specs and ventilation.

All you need is a Phillips head screwdriver.

Woodland Bird Songs Book

Covers 12 woodland song birds. Push the button to hear the call. Each page has a colorful picture and information on each bird. Pages are hefty cardboard. Comes ready to go with batteries included. Pull tab to activate. Take a walk and learn the birds by their song.

Little Birder Binocular Set

Plastic binos that magnify 4 times with a center focus. Comes with a carrying strap and a 20 page guide to watching backyard birds. For ages 5 and up.

Balancing Bald Eagle

Amaze friends and family. The Balancing Eagle can balance on the tip of your finger or on the stand provided.

Charley HarperBoardGame

For ages 6 and up, a classic board game for kids, families and birders.

Track through 5 habitats and track each bird you spot. But watch out for storms, a river, and birds that poop on her head!

Includes one die, game board, 4 birder pawns, 4 scorecards, 160 tokens.

For 2 - 4 Players. Choking hazard for kids 3 and under.

Birds of North America Card Game

Learn bird facts and trivia. Questions on the back range from facts, true and false, and multiple choice. For ages 7 and up, two plus players.

I Love Birds Activity Book

Activities to do with kids to explore the outdoors and enjoy learning about birds and engaging them to learn about nature. Includes activities for every season.


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Sibley Flashcards

Learn to identify your backyard birds with the help of famous field guide artist and author David Sibley. You get 50 common Western and Eastern birds of North America, and one deck of 50 common birds found across all of North America. Each card features info on behvior and voice with colorful illustrations.

Bird Bingo

For 2 - 6 players. 42 cards which also tell you about the bird, 6 player boards and lots of chips. Choose a bingo pattern, first one to cover their pattern wins.

Memory Game - Birds of North America

Hmmm, what was I saying? Oh yea, memory game. This game has been the unexpected hit of the summer. You can learn birds from the great photos and improve your memory at the same time. Consists of 100 cards turned face down, then each player turns over two, trying to match the birds. Whoever matches the most, wins. For all ages 3 and up.

"Chickadee & The Whale

A cute story and cute artwork by our very own Catherine Clark, aka Clarkie. A baby chickadee leaves his forest home to go exploring, meeting a variety of birds and wildlife along the way. He gets swept out to sea by a storm and is saved by a baby humpback whale. Did we say cute? Beautifully illustrated and printed. Hardcover.

Comes Autographed. For a special personalization, indicate this under "Special Instructions" on the order form.


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