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March 28 – April 4, 2023

The Western Grebe continued on Mashpee Pond this week.

Santuit Pond in Mashpee has hosted some nice early spring migrants this week including 15 Wood Ducks, a Northern Pintail, a Blue-winged Teal, 111 Ring-necked Ducks, 7 Black-crowned Night-Herons, a Red-shouldered Hawk, a Purple Martin, a Cliff Swallow, several Barn Swallows, 2 Northern Rough-winged Swallows, and many Tree Swallows, a Ruby-crowned Kinglet, and 7 Eastern Phoebes.

Birds at Bell’s Neck conservation area in West Harwich included a Clapper Rail, 2 Whimbrels, a Virginia Rail, a Lesser Yellowlegs, 35 Greater Yellowlegs,15 Great Egrets, a Snowy Egret, 54 Black-crowned Night-Herons, 16 Ospreys, and 2 Bald Eagles.

Sightings from Race Point in Provincetown included 2 Thick-billed Murres, 2 Common Murres, 8 Razorbills, 11 Piping Plovers, and 9 Iceland Gulls.

Other sightings around the Cape included 5 Snowy Egrets in West Dennis, a continuing Willet at Red River Beach in Harwich, 8 Red Crossbills in East Harwich, and a Clapper Rail in Brewster.

If you have questions about these sightings, or want to report a sighting, call the Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary at 508-349-2615 or send e-mail to