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May 3 – May 9, 2023

A Mississippi Kite was reported from Truro back on the 3rd.

An unusual flight of 42 Wilson’s Storm-Petrels and 7 Leach’s Storm-Petrels was seen at Chapin Beach in Dennis on the 4th , with some lingering until the 5th.

The last few Red Phalaropes and Red-necked Phalaropes from last weeks epic incursion were last seen on the 5th, when a few were at Nauset Beach and bay beaches in Dennis.

A Sandhill Crane, a Yellow-throated Warbler, and a Hooded Warbler were seen at Wellfleet Bay sanctuary this week. The crane was later also reported from Truro and Provincetown.

Birds at High Head in North Truro included a Blue Grosbeak, an Evening Grosbeak, and 2 Little Blue Herons.

Other sightings around the Cape included a Black Vulture and 2 Worm-eating Warblers in Falmouth, two more Black Vultures in Sandwich, 10 Red Crossbills at Dennis Pond in Yarmouth, a Cattle Egret at Fort Hill in Eastham, 2 White-winged Crossbills and an Evening Grosbeak in Wellfleet, and a Rusty Blackbird and a Summer Tanager in Provincetown.

If you have questions about these sightings, or want to report a sighting, call the Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary at 508-349-2615 or send e-mail to