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“A Cape Cod Destination Icon For 40 Years”

Wellfleet Baty Wildlife Sanctuary

Hi Folks:

Did you know, that back in 1959, before there was a Cape Cod National Seashore and back when the Museum of Natural History was nothing more than a tent somewhere in Brewster, the Massachusetts Audubon Society bought a piece of land in South Wellfleet. They hoped to open a sanctuary, but they only had enough funds to keep it running for one year. Back in the late fifties, no one cared much about saving open space and bird watching was for geeks only. The task of somehow making this unique property sustainable was handed to a young Wallace Bailey. And now it is over forty years later and the Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary is the most popular of all the Mass. Audubon properties. This special piece of land has been the inspiration for hundreds of young naturalists, a peaceful oasis for thousands of visitors and a critical refuge for millions of migrating birds.

Nice job Wallace, you did good man. You must be proud. We’ll miss you.