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When Do Hummingbird Come Back

Dear Bird Folks,

I got a new hummingbird feeder for my birthday and I am looking forward to seeing hummingbirds. When will the hummers be back?

Dorothy N., Truro


Sunday, Dorothy,

The hummingbirds will be back this Sunday, April 28, at 1:35 p.m. Oh wait, did you say North Truro? They won’t work their way to North Truro until about 4:15. Dorothy, the hummers are back now. That’s right, now. There have been reports of hummers around since the middle of April, but most people around here start seeing them by the last week in April, which is right now.

Remember, these tiny birds have flown an awfully long way from their wintering grounds in Central America, so they can be pretty hungry. The folks who put their feeders out early seem to have the best luck attracting hummers. So get your feeder out soon, Dorothy. Maybe you shouldn’t wait until 4:15, perhaps you should put your feeder out at 4:12, just to be safe. But putting it out earlier than that would be silly.