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For Woodpeckers

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Tail Prop Suet Feeder

Tail Prop helps woodpeckers balance as they feed. Will also be used by other backyard birds. Can also be used for fruit. Made from a resin that will not fade, peel, rot, crack or warp with a steel cable hanger. Lifetime guarantee on workmanship.

The Buster Squirrel Proof Peanut Feeder
The only squirrel proof peanut feeder ready to hang. Feed peanuts to woodpeckers and other peanut loving birds. The weight of the squirrel will close down the mesh cage, blocking off the food. Keeps out gray squirrels only, not red squirrels or chipmunks which are too light.

Wood Link Peanut Feeder
This mesh feeder will keep squirrels out (not red squirrels or chipmunks). Will hold peanuts or black oil sunflower.


Recycled Suet Holder
This suet feeder is made from 90% recycled plastic. Plus it feeds upside down, woodpeckers and other small birds like to cling upside down, many big birds like grackles and crows do not. Sturdy with built in hanger, it will last a really long time, nothing to rot or wear. Can hold 2 suet cakes to attract more birds. Carries the Going Green symbol and is made in the USA.
Two Suets and Cage
Woodpeckers love suet. Here is a simple way to offer them their favorite treat. This wire mesh suet cage has small openings to make it more difficult for squirrels to eat. You get two cakes of suet, variety may vary, to get you started.
Upside Down Suet Feeder
Woodpeckers and many small birds love to cling upside down, but many big birds like grackles & crows do not. Easy to fill from top. Made from long lasting cedar.
Holographic Scare Tape
This holographic tape creates moving reflections which frightens & deters woodpeckers. Must be put where the bird is pecking. Also deters birds from snitching in fruit trees & berry patches. Or hang it around your room and pretend your in the Holodeck on Star Trek. Comes 3/4 inch by 100 feet.

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