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As Much as we loved lugging this stuff in and out day after day, no more.


All Of This Back Inside, Hummingbird Feeders, Squirrel Proof Feeders, Birdhouses, Tons of Other Bird Stuff Too. Games, Puzzles, You Name It.

Bird Book Section

bird books

We have all the popular field guides to Eastern and all of North America. Plus tons of guides to exotic lands.

bird books

We have nonfiction, journals, and bookmarks galore.

bird books

We even have bird novels, series, bird song books, books to make you laugh, books to make you cry, and more.

Local Artists

Owl Art

Photographs by local photographer Case O’Connor who also works at Bird Watcher’s General Store.



Beautiful pottery by our very own Amy Bourbon.


Another popular local potter who makes mugs bowls, spoon rests and more.

Hummer Feeder

Take home your very own plate, hanging plant pot, magnet, or mug made by Karen O’Connor – a local retired school teacher!

Clark Stuff

Signed framed and unframed prints and note cards and handpainted ornaments when available by local Catherine Clark.

Signed books written and illustrated by Clark:

Chickadee & the Whale, The Birds We Live With, and A Guide to the Common Birds of Cape Cod she illustrated and written by Peter Trull.

Bird Seed & Feeder Room

bird feeders

Housing market got you down? We have affordable housing options available. All you need is a 2×4, metal pole, or a tree.

bird feeders

We have the best squirrel proof feeders made. And we are telling the absolute truth.

Feeders have come a long way. Durable, easy to clean, and built to last.

bird feeders

Most of our seed also comes in 25 lbs. or 50 lbs. bags. We will even put it in your car. We at least have to do some of the work.

bird seed

This is Jacquie here to refill her jugs…she wishes.

bird seed

You can finally come in and bag your own seed in a paper bag or one of our BWGS jugs which you can bring back and refill. We deduct the weight of the jug and you just pay for the seed. How smart is that. We get you to do the work.

Christmas, Clothes & Kids


Lots of bird Christmas ornaments of all kinds. Popular are the Christmas spiced hot pads and mug mats.


If you’re embarrassed about the spaghetti sauce stain on your shirt, we have tons of shirts. We have some very cool, very popular Marushka shirts that look modern, cool, and like they belong in this century. We also have pajamas and moo moos.

If you only fit into children’s sizes, we have clothes for you too…as long as you like bird puns.

Cards, Jewelry & Mugs


In the card section, you’ll find journals, hundreds of blank note cards, magnetic note pads, note cards by some local artists, tons of bird puzzles including Charlie Harper and bird games. Finally write that love letter.


Around from the cards is the jewelry department. We carry great bird earrings. Our Jabebo earrings are very popular. Be sure to check out the cute new studs that Mike hates.


Aren’t you tired of drinking a five dollar cup of espresso out of a two cent paper cup? In our mug corner, you’ll find great mugs, along with towels, pot holders, bird coasters, and serving trays.


We have so much gifty stuff with birds on it your jaw will drop.



mike dumpster

You may run into Mike in his office out back. No face mask but no one wants to get close.

Be sure to share with him the squirrel stories you bored us with up front…he would just love it!

Bird Baths For Sale