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Window Warning Bird Savers
Scare Tape
Seed Scoops, The Water Wiggler, & Brushes

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Window Alert Bird Savers - Leaves

Millions of songbirds are killed each year flying into windows. Window Alert is a static cling decal that reflects ultraviolet sunlight. It is almost invisible to humans, but glows brilliantly for birds. You get 5 leaf decals per package. They must be placed on the outside of the window.

Hawk Window Bird Saver

You get 3 hawk window savers per package. Wingspan is 14 inches. Must be placed on the outside of the window to break up the reflection.

Note: These WILL NOT scare birds away because they look like a hawk. They are cool and have been around for a long time.

Water Wiggler

Moving water attracts birds like crazy. The Water Wiggler does this and at the same time prevents mosquitos that may carry West Nile Virus from laying eggs in your birdbath. Creates ripples in the water to entice birds and deter mosquitos. No electric hook up and very silent. Runs on two D batteries which will run it for a full season of continuous use, 24 hours a day. Batteries not included. Can even be used in a heated bath. One year warranty.

Holographic Scare Tape

This holographic tape creates moving reflections which frightens & deters woodpeckers. Must be put where the bird is pecking. Also deters birds from snitching in fruit trees & berry patches. Or hang it around your room and pretend your in the Holodeck on Star Trek. Comes 3/4 inch by 100 feet.

Little Brushes

Perfect for scrubbing out those little holes in hummingbird and some oriole feeders. Handy pack of 3.

Bird Bath Brush

Does your bird bath look like the sink in a college dorm? You should really clean your bird bath more than once a millennium. This stiff 8" brush will make your bath look as good as new. Buy two and give one to your kid to take to college.

Seed Scoop

Basic handy seed scoop to fill feeders (or dog and horse food). For smaller openings you can use the handle as a funnel as well. Dark Green


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