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Celebrity Look-Alikes

We have our own share of celebrity look-alikes who come into the store, so we decided to start documenting them. We weren’t sure if people would want to participate, but as it turns out, most people are big hams and love the idea of having their mugs posted on the world-wide-web.


Customer vs Tony Stark

We thought this guy looked more like Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark than Robert Downey Jr. does. Turned out to be the actual real actor Dermot Mulroney. We only found this out days later. He played along very funny. Says he gets it all the time. Thanks to him for being a good sport.

Einstein EinsteinCustomer

Customer vs Abert Einstein

MikeNews2 MrBill

Mike O’Connor vs Mr. Bill

This time Mike, owner of BWGS, looked like a celebrity, Mr. Bill.

Santa3 Santa4

Customer (or is it??) vs Santa Claus

We think one of these guys must be the real thing. We gave both of them our Christmas lists just to be safe.


Another One! vs Santa Claus

JayLeno2 JayLeno3

Customer vs. Jay Leno

Oreck2 Oreck

Customer vs. David Oreck

Sam Lassie4

Customer vs. Lassie

JamesCameron2 JamesCameron

Customer vs. James Cameron

Robbins2 Robbins

Customer vs. Tim Robbins

Jerry1 Jerry2

Customer vs. Jerry Seinfeld

JonLike2 JonStewart

Customer vs. Jon Stewart

Martha1 Martha2

Customer vs. Martha Stewart

TomArnold1 TomArnold2

Customer vs. Tom Arnold

Carroll1 Carroll2

Customer vs. Carroll O’Connor

Tom1 Tom2

Customer vs. Tom Cruise

Lincoln1 lincoln

Customer vs. Abraham Lincoln

JohnnyDepp2 JohnnyDepp

Customer vs. Johnny Depp