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Did You Know We’re Famous?

You may have heard about the book or movie called The Big Year. It’s about three people who travel around the world to try and see as many birds as possible over the course of a year. Well, when they were filming the movie, they bought a bunch of stuff from us, and you can find it scattered throughout the film! If you want, get your friends together and make a game of it. Take a shot of sunflower hearts every time you find some of our merchandise.

The movie starred Steve Martin, Jack Black and Owen Wilson.  Talk about a comedy trio.

We received an order for over $1000 for a bunch of stuff from Fox Productions.  We thought it was a joke.  It wasn’t.  They wanted items from a real birding store and chose us.  The folks at Fox said they looked at hundreds of bird shop websites and ours was the one that caught their attention. We do have a sense of humor.  The movie is still available on Amazon.

Our girl birdwatcher logo on the back of the blue shirt.  Art by Catherine Clark.

Our store sticker on the back of the clipboard.

The second guy wearing our logo baseball cap getting on the boat.

The same guy later on still wearing our logo cap.

They bought four of these mugs and used them all.  The art on this mug is by Catherine Clark. This is when they are in Attoo.

Same mug.  At one point all 4 can be seen.

A thank you card from Fox Studios.  It only ran for 2 weeks in the theater with little promotion.  But later became

quite popular when released on dvd.  It is a great, fun movie.  Well worth a watch.