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Kenn Kaufman Book Signing

Kenn Kaufman, the author of “Kaufman Focus Guides – Birds of North America,” “Lives of North American Birds” and a bunch more, was at our store on September 10, for a gala book signing.


His field guide, “Birds of North America,” is revolutionary with its new method of illustration. Kenn combines more than 2000 photographs with digital enhancement and editing to show exactly how to recognize each bird.


This guy cranks out birding books the way Stephen King cranks out horror novels. Kenn is the youngest person ever to win the Ludlow Griscom Award. He is a field editor for Audubon and a columnist for numerous magazines.

We have Kenn’s books for sale online. Go to our shopping page, “Shop Your Brains Out” and check out these books under Field Guides and Birding Books.