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Learn Bird Calls & See Birds

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Birding by Ear Eastern Region

This 2 CD set has become well known for its proven teaching methods to distinguish and remember bird songs. It provides comprehensive instruction to learn the songs of 85 species east of the Rockies. It does much more than merely catalog a bunch of bird song samples. It comes with a booklet which can be used with the new fifth edition Peterson Field Guide.

Audubon Bird Call

The classic, the one and only, the only one we know of, Audubon Bird Call. Even with today's technology, this little wooden bird call is still the way to draw out birds. It is not meant to mimic a particular bird. Twist the metal top around to mimic the twitter of generic birds to get a reaction and draw out the birds that are around. Comes with a capsule of rosen to keep it squeaky.

BWGS Hat with Maroon Brim

A new look for our store hat. Embroidered with our name and logo as usual, but with a cool washed out look maroon brim. One size fits all with adjustable tab in the back. Kaki/tan with maroom brim.


Nikon Compact Waterproof Binoculars 8 x 25

These ProStaffs by Nikon are loaded with features- turn & slide eyecups for wearing glasses or not. Bak4 prisms, fully multi layered lenses and prisms. O ring and Nitrogen purged to make them fog and waterproof. Case & Strap included.

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Op-Tech Binocular Harness

We can't help with all the pains in your neck, but we can help eliminate the weight from heavy binoculars. It shifts the weight from your neck to the shoulders. It also stablizes your binos yet enables them to glide up and down the strap during use. Fits most cameras and binoculars.


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