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Hummingbirds Eating Suet

Dear Bird Folks,

Last week I had a hummingbird eating at my suet feeder. Have you ever heard of that before?

Mary, Brewster


No Mary,

That’s a new one on me. A few weeks ago we had a question about woodpeckers that were eating at a hummingbird feeder, so maybe Mr. Hummer was showing ol’ Woody that two can play at that game. And when you think about it, it makes a little sense. Hummingbirds eat small insects, so why not a little suet? I’ve seen red suet feeders around town and if your suet feeder is indeed red, then it was probably the red that first attracted the hummer. It then could have been snapping up small insects that were hovering around the suet or maybe even enjoying the suet itself. Or perhaps your hummingbird was just trying to get back at the woodpeckers for eating from its feeder. If it comes back again, ask it all these questions and let us know what it says.