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Size of Bluebird Box Hole

Dear Bird Folks,

I’m building some bluebird nest boxes and I need to know what size to make the hole. My guess is about 2 inches. Is that right?

– Ted, Harwich


No Ted,

That’s not right. And since I spent so much time babbling on the last question, I don’t have any room left to help you with your birdhouses. Make your holes only an inch and a half (that’s 3.81 cm for anyone with Canadian bluebirds). That will keep out the starlings but still allow the bluebirds to use the box. That’s it Ted, you’re on your own, I’m out of room. But I’ll make it up to you, I promise. The next time I’m driving through Harwich, flag me down and I’ll give you a doughnut. OK?