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2020 BWGS T-Shirt Photo Contest Winners

Grand Prize Winner:
Alison Wolin, Oceanside, NY

We picked two great photos from Alison as winners.
One with Penguins in Antarctica and the other at Shackleton’s Grave.

First Place
Tess Ewing

On Safari with Lions and a Black chested Snake Eagle in the Distance

Second Place
Peter Jeran, Budd Lake, NJ

10 Degree Weather at the top of Arapaho Basin, Colorado

Third Place
Matt Cioffi, N. Easton, MA

Matt On Stage in NYC at Richards Theatre, Broadway

Best Birder
Roy Verstraete, Ringwood, NJ

Roy in Peru in Colca Canyon at Condor Crossing. He Saw 8 Condors.

Best Selfie
Mikki, Reston, VA

Mikki in Australia With a Cute Quokka

Most Famous Celebrity
Santa Claus, The North Pole

Santa With Celebrity Mike OConnor,
Owner of Bird Watcher’s General Store

Most Creative
James Gallagher, Alexandria, VA

James Made His Own Bird Watching Set Up. Birds and All.

Most Trendy

Creative Protection and Great BWGS Shirt

Honorable Mention
Bill Murphy, Ashburn, MA

Bill Murphy At The Farm

Honorable Mention
Kevin, Reston, VA

At Rottnest Island, Australia With A Peacock

Honorable Mention
Molly, Amsterdam

Molly and Her Creative Use of BWGS Items