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Ever see one of these?

Ken, sent us this photo of a Dovekie, a tiny seabird he found in Truro. Only about the size of a cardinal (a fat cardinal) Dovekies usually live far out at sea, but occasional winter storms (or food) brings them in closer, where Ken was waiting with his camera. For more on Dovekies, check out my column about them…if you want.

Where To See Dovekies



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New owners

We all know Cedar Pond. It’s the pond in Orleans along Rt. 6, just west of the big rotary (the pond that used to have hundreds of cormorants sitting on the power lines). For the last few years Ospreys have nested nearby, but recently these two bald squatters have...

We get a Shoutout!!

Shoutout SoCa is an online publication that features small and unique businesses from around the country. This week we were flattered to have them feature our little shop in Orleans. (See the link below.)  Thank you Shoutout SoCa. We are totally thrilled that you...

Name that bird:

Last week, Jeannette sent us this photo of a bird in her yard. She was wondering if it was a Purple Finch or a House Finch. It's the far less common (but similar looking) Purple Finch. Nice spotting, Jeannette, and great photo, too. For more on these two birds, check...

He’s so unusual

When I ask most folks about the birds on their feeder they typically reply: " We get the usual birds." Well, this isn't the case for Leo. For the last few weeks he's been seeing this striking and crazy-colored Painted Bunting on his feeder in Orleans. Wow! IDK where...

My kind of Christmas tree

Most Christmas trees have lights, a bit of tinsel and an assortment of colorful ornaments. But Lori Jurkowski has my kind of tree…one filled with birds. I see chickadees, woodpeckers, bluebirds, cardinals and in the middle, a kingfisher. Yeah! I’d bet not many...

The hats were filled

This past Saturday we filled over 700 hats with free yummy potatoes. Peggy Schiffer was kind enough to send us this photo of three young ladies with big smiles...and filled hats. (It's a good thing they didn't notice that creepy guy behind them.)

The spuds are in the house!

I hope you have your hat ready, because two tons of yummy potatoes have just arrived and they are yours for free. You just need to show up at the Bird Watcher’s General Store on Saturday, Nov. 19th, anytime between 9:17 and 5:11 and, of course, have a hat. We will...

Happy Birthday WildCare Stephanie!

We're honored that Stephanie wanted to spend her birthday with us at Bird Watcher's! Who wouldn't? Hop on over to the WildCare website to make a donation for her birthday!

A Pretty Awesome Tree:

Jim woke up the other morning and found this Eastern Screech-Owl peaking out of a cavity in his tree. Jim also mentioned that earlier in the year Northern Flickers raised a family in the same tree-cavity. How about that? We sell both flicker and owl houses, but it...

Winter Finch Forecast

The annual Winter Finch Forecast (yes, that’s a real thing) has just be released. Due to a lack of natural food in Canada this fall, many northern finches such as Evening Grosbeaks, Pine Grosbeaks, Common Redpolls and Red Crossbills will be heading south in search of...